Pricing & Services

What's Included With Each Domain Registration?
Free Online Domain Search!
Free Primary & Secondary DNS! * 
Free Unlimited Domain Parking!
Free Under Construction Page! **
Advanced Domain Control Panel!

When you register a domain name with us, these free services are available at no additional charge. Many domain registration services and ISP's charge $50US or more for these services on top of the domain registration fee, but they have always been FREE from Dynaserve!!

There is no purchase required to take advantage of our free services if you already own your domain name. If you have already registered your domain name through another registration service you can transfer to us for free domain parking. We will park your domain(s) on our servers at no charge!

Registration Fees
If you are registering a new domain name with us, we charge a registration fee of $35/year + GST. You can save money by registering your domain name(s) for multiple years! You may select a registration term from 1 to 10 years:

Registration Term (Years)  Total Cost   You Save! 
1 Year $35US -
2 Years $60US 14%
5 Years $145US 17%
10 Years $250US 29%

Dynaserve is a domain submission service. We simplify the domain registration process by submitting the registration information to an official ICANN accredited registrar on behalf of the customer, while looking after the technical details. We earn a commission per domain application.

Registration fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. Please have your credit card ready when registering new domains.

Note: Charges billed to your credit card will appear as Dynaserve Technologies Ltd.

Optional Services
When you register your domain through Dynaserve, you automatically receive a free 'under construction' page. In fact, you can reserve and park an unlimited number of domains for later use, at no charge. If you want to put your domain to work right now, you will need to buy Domain Forwarding or Webhosting.

* DNS available for Domain Parking Only. Custom DNS entries NOT supported.
** Free Under Construction page is generic and non-editable. Webhosting is NOT included.

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